System requirements

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Requirements for Firedrive 5.2

Following software are required in order to running Firedrive:

Software Recommended version Minimum version More information
Joomla 3.8+ 3.7
PHP 5.6 or 7.0+ 5.4
MySql/MariaDB (*) 5.5.3+ 5.1
Apache (**) 2.4 2.0 (***)

Responsivity in frontend is guaranteed starting from Internet Explorer 9.

( * ) Firedrive runs on other database engines supported by Joomla! drivers (SQL Server, PostgreSQL) but complete support is not guaranteed.
( ** ) Firedrive runs correctly also on Nginx, IIS and other web servers but the maximum level of security can't be guaranteed on these engines because the lack of support to .htaccess files
( *** ) For previous Apache versions you are required to edit components/com_firedrive/uploads/.htaccess in the following way:

Options -Indexes 
Order deny,allow
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