@gmantele gmantele released this Jun 14, 2018

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What's new in this version?

  • The list of official IVOA UCD1+ words has been updated. Now, the latest version (1.3, released on the 27th of May 2018) is fully integrated and supported.

  • Ucidy is now able to detect when a deprecated UCD word is used. In such case, it writes an explicit error message explaining the deprecated status of the word, and then, it suggests a UCD substring to replace it.

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Release 1.0 of the Ucidy library.
This include the following features:

  • Check whether each UCD word is:
    • syntactically valid
    • recognised (i.e. the word is among a list of well known UCD words)
    • recommended by the IVOA
  • Possibility to customise the list of known UCD words
  • Validate a full UCD with
    • a list of human readable errors
    • an automatic correction suggestion (particularly for typo)
    • a list of advice to improve the readability of the UCD
  • Different ways to search UCD words
    • exact match
    • starting with
    • closest match (take into account possible typo)
  • Support namespace prefix

Except an interactive command line program, the only other way to use this
library is within another Java application. In a futur (sub-)version, it could
be possible to have:

  • a Java servlet,
  • a Javascript implementation,
  • a simple GUI to search UCD words and to help building UCDs.

The list of all UCD words are only the UCD1+ Controlled Vocabulary recommended
and validated by the IVOA ; there is no old UCD1 or a way to convert an old
UCD1 to a UCD1+.

This library has no dependency and requires Java 7 or newer. It is lightweight,
has a very simple API and does not require any Internet connection.

Usage, modifications and extensions of this library are under the conditions
of the LGPL-v3 license.