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@justinmayer justinmayer Add more succinct ways to handle Vundle with Fish shell a801d4b
@lstor lstor Added note about shell problems on Windows. 60c7455
@starcraftman starcraftman Updated Home (markdown) d6846f2
@starcraftman starcraftman Updated Home (markdown) fb4e156
@starcraftman starcraftman Adding to FAQ fix in response to issue 379, seems like something common people could get. b427827
@gmarik gmarik Format questions as headers e854bfc
@gmarik gmarik Custom plugin location 4419246
@justinmayer justinmayer Subsequent testing shows the SHELL environment must be changed on non-POSIX shells 3b4101a
@justinmayer justinmayer Add simpler method to prevent errors with non-POSIX shells eb878fc
@justinmayer justinmayer Add solution for installing/updating Vundle when using a non-standard shell (e.g., fish) 030258f
@mt3 mt3 Made spelling and grammatical changes, all in the name of clarity. b2854ed
@gmarik gmarik fix uri d7c6db2
@gmarik gmarik colorscheme related questions 875e101
@gmarik gmarik FAQing workaround for 0fc4ce1
@gmarik gmarik Updated Vundle Wiki (markdown) 731763e
@gmarik gmarik move more stuff to Wiki f4553c1
@gmarik gmarik typo 3863dbf
@gmarik gmarik fix wording 2be7404
@gmarik gmarik fix wording faaf87b
@gmarik gmarik Updated Vundle Wiki (markdown) 6d2a47e
@gmarik gmarik Updated Vundle Wiki (markdown) 9180bc5
@gmarik gmarik Updated Home (markdown) 76a4126
@gmarik gmarik Created Home (markdown) e28e6c0
@gmarik gmarik Updated Home (markdown) 35ec484
@gmarik gmarik Updated Home (markdown) 6b87ba8
@gmarik gmarik Updated Home (markdown) 263416f
@gmarik gmarik Updated Home (markdown) ef470a9
@gmarik gmarik Updated Home (markdown) a40c646
@gmarik gmarik Updated Home (markdown) f42fac0
@gmarik gmarik Initial Commit 570d51d
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