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sudo-gui.vim is a GUI sudo for a GUI vim.


The original idea isn't mine, but I just couldn't get MacVim working with sudo.


sudo-gui.vim plugin provides the SudoWrite! command, along with a W! shortcut, enabling a file with administrative priviliges to be written. Depending on whether vim is run as a GUI or terminal app, a password will be requested at the console or in a GUI dialog box.

Currently console and OSX GUI dialogs are provided. GTK and others to come...



If you're a Vundle user add the following to your .vimrc:

Bundle 'gmarik/sudo-gui.vim'

and run :BundleInstall (a Vim restart is required for Vundle versions prior to v0.5).


I know there is a sudo.vim but I'd rather prototype before contributing...


  • GTK dialog
  • docs
  • SudoRead?
  • Screencast?
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