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Sensors Analysis

Sensors Analysis exercise using Hadoop and Kotlin, explained in this blog post

The goal of this exercise is to analyze sensors generated data. The data can be in two different formats, while the output is differentiate between sensors reading over or under a certain temperature threshold.

What it is interesting of this exercise:

  • Use of SensorsDriver for setting up multiple inputs and outputs.
  • Use of SensorData as a way of representing the reading of a sensor.
  • Use of SensorsMapperType1 and SensorsMapperType2 for handling different sensors inputs.

In order to run this exercise on an Hadoop machine, the following commands are necessary:

hdfs dfsadmin -safemode leave

# Removes folders from the previous run
hdfs dfs -rm -r <input-folder>
hdfs dfs -rm -r <output-folder>

# Puts input data into hdfs
hdfs dfs -put <input-folder>

# <input-type1> and <input-type2> can be a folder or a file
hadoop jar 03_sensors-analysis.jar Main <input-folder>/<input-type1> <input-folder>/<input-type2> <output-folder> <threshold>