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Critical Stations Analysis

Analysis of the data received from sensors located in various stations, in order to evaluate critical situations. A critical situation, is a situation where the number of free slots is below a user defined threshold. The exercise is composed of three parts:

  • Part 1: store the stations with a percentage of critical situations equal or higher than 80%.
  • Part 2: compute the percentage of critical situations for each pair (timeslot, station). Timeslot can assume one of the six values: [0-3], [4-7], .., [20-23].
  • Part 3: select the lines from the readings file where the following constraints are true:
    • The line is associated with a full station situation
    • All the neighbor stations of the previous station are full in the same timestamp (date:hour:minute).


  • readings: stationID,date,hour,minute,num_of_bikes,num_free_slots.
  • neighbors: stationID,stationIDx stationIDy