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Gedit Keybindings, Preparing to create a Cheat Sheet
F1 => Help
CTRL+N => New Document
CTRL+O => Open Document
CTRL+L => Open URI (Localization)
CTRL+S => Save
CTRL+SHIFT+S => Save As...
CTRL+SHIFT+L => Save All Documents
CTRL+SHIFT+P => Preview Print
CTRL+P => Print...
CTRL+Q => Close Gedit
Tabs and documents
CTRL+W => Close Current Document/Tab
CTRL+SHIFT+W => Close All Documents/Tabs
CTRL+ALT+PGUP => Go to Left Tab
CTRL+ALT+PGDOWN => Go to Right Tab
ALT+n => Go to Document/Tab n
Text Manipulation
CTRL+A => Select all
CTRL+Z => Undo last action
CTRL+SHIFT+Z => Redo last undo action
CTRL+X => Cut selected text or region to clipboard
CTRL+C => Copy selected text or region to clipboard
CTRL+V => Paste clipboard content to current cursor position
CTRL+D => Delete current line
CTRL+SHIFT+DEL => Delete from cursor to end of line
F9 => Show/Hide Side panel (Filebrowser)
CTRL+F9 => Show/Hide bottom panel (Terminal)
CTRL+F => Find a text
CTRL+G => Find Next
CTRL+SHIFT+G => Find Previous
CTRL+K => Interactive Search
CTRL+H => Search and Replace
CTRL+SHIFT+K => Clear Search Highlight
CTRL+I => Go to Line
Plugins Keystrokes
Regex Search and Replace
CTRL+SHIFT+H => Open Search and Replace by regex dialog
Code Comment
CTRL+M => Comment selected region
CTRL+SHIFT+M => Uncomment selected region
Enter the snippet acellerator than Press TAB.
Zen Coding
Ctrl+E => Expand abbreviation
CTRL+ALT+E => Expand abbreviation as you type
CTRL+SHIFT+E => Wrap with abbreviation
CTRL+ALT+I => Balance tag inward
CTRL+ALT+O => Balance tag outward
CTRL+ALT+M => Merge lines with Ctrl+Alt+M
ALT+LEFT => Go to previous edit point
ALT+RIGHT => Go to next edit point
CTRL+ALT+R => Remove tag
CTRL+ALT+J => Split or join tags
CTRL+ALT+C => Toggle comment
Spell Checker
SHIFT+F7 => Spell check
Todo List
CTRL+ALT+T => Show Todo Marks List Window
Text Tools
CTRL+SHIFT+C => Clear Line (Without Delete)
CTRL+SHIFT+D => Duplicate current line
ALT+ARROWUP => Move current line up
ALT+ARROWDOWN => Move current line down
CTRL+ALT+9 => Select text enclosed by Pairs Ex: ({"['<
ALT+W => Select Word
ALT+SHIFT+W => Select Word Special (Ignoring delimiters)
CTRL+R => Add single mark
Fuzzy Open
CTRL+SHIFT+O => Open file by regex search (Go to File Window)
Find In Project
CTRL+ALT+F => Open search window to search in the project
Indent Lines
CTRL+T / CRTL+TAB => Indent Selected Lines
Quick Highlight Mode
CTRL+SHIFT+H => Fast Switch current syntax highlight mode
Join Lines
CTRL+J => Join Current Line with the next line
CTRL+SHIFT+J => Split current Line
Rails Extract Partial
CTRL+ALT+P => Create a partial with selected text
Rails Hot Commands
CTRL+ALT+C => Open Rails Hot Commands Window
Rails Hot Keys
The current Active File Needs to be in an Rails project folder
Press CTRL+SHIFT+R to Activate Rails Hot Keys then Press
F1 => Open the help file
A => Open controllers/application[_controller].rb File
B => Open your Rails project base directory
C => Open a controller file
D => Open the config/database.yml file
E => Open the config/environment.rb file
F => Open a functional test file
H => Open a helper file
I => Open a integration file
J => Open a fixture file
L => Open the views/layouts/application.rhtml file
M => Open a model file
N => Open the URL http://localhost:3000/ on your default browser
P => Open the public directory
R => Open the config/routes.rb file
T => Open all the tests (units, functionals and integration)
U => Open a unit test file
V => Open the view directory
ALT+SHIFT+A => Align Selected text in columns by a given separator.
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