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A simple script to update route53 for dynamic ip
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Simple Amazon Route 53 Updater

By Gerard Matthew


This is a simple tool for updating Amazon Route53 for Dynamic DNS

Get Started

  git clone
  cd simple-aws-route53-updater
  chmod 600 .aws-secrets

AWS Credentials

  • Obtain your zone id, access key and secret from AWS
  • Configure .aws-secrets
$ cat .aws-secrets
%awsSecretAccessKeys = (
    'webserver' => {
        id => 'aws-access-key-id',
        key => 'change',

Install Perl Libraries

  cpan -i Digest::MD5
  cpan -i Digest::HMAC_SHA

Run Script

  perl -domain DOMAIN_NAME -zoneid ZONE_ID -account ACCOUNT
  perl -domain DOMAIN_NAME_1 -domain DOMAIN_NAME_2 -zoneid ZONE_ID -account ACCOUNT
  • Options
    • -domain : domain to be updated
    • -ttl : ttl for record set
    • -type : type of record (e.g CNAME, A, etc)
    • -zoneid : zone id
    • -comment : any notes
    • -account : account listed within the .aws-secert file (e.g webserver)

Install Cron Job

* * * * * cd /path/to/simple-aws-route53-updater/; perl -domain DOMAIN_NAME -zoneid ZONE_ID -account ACCOUNT > /tmp/simple-updater.log


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