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Use the verified, up-to-date data of directly, everything is free to use Apache 2.0

inTheWild is a community driven database and platform to help your vulnerability triage.
If you just need the exploitation information don't waste your time here, hit this export includes all vulnerability data, exploits and exploitation reports
You can download the database from:

Who? How?

Information here can be useful for you if you are

  • In ops or vulnerability management and you want to know when to panic: sign up to RSS feed and add it to you notification list (e.g. Slack channel)
  • Developing vulnerability management tool/service or enriching the output of one: download the database and write your wrapper or reuse ours if you python
  • Triaging vulnerabilities or in a pentest looking for exploits: visit the site (e.g. or use our always fresh docker image to get individual reports

How to use the CLI

We provided a minimalistic CLI tool with the database to work as an example and if you want to script things without hammering our API ❤️

How to install

It is not the 90s grandpa, stop installing utils writen by 3 randos! Use docker

Getting reports

  • You can get all exploits and exploitation reports related to vulnerability with its description in a nice table: docker run inthewild/inthewild reports CVE-2021-30666
  • You can get just the exploits: docker run inthewild/inthewild exploits CVE-2021-22986
  • Or just reports of exploitation in the wild: docker run inthewild/inthewild exploitation CVE-2021-30666
  • hey man, your table is dope but I heard JSON is cooler!: docker run inthewild/inthewild reports CVE-2021-30666 --no-format-cli
  • this is confusing: you may always add --help if you are getting lost

How can I help out?

  • Contribute with reports of exploitation inTheWild or exploits you miss something by tweeting at us, mentioning us or using our submission form
  • Help triage said reports
  • Send PR for your usecase
  • Buy us a coffee


Bobby, Marci