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Jobesque is a simple Clojure job scheduler, built on top of cron4j.
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Jobesque is a simple Clojure job scheduler, built on top of cron4j. The scheduling pattern is the same than the one used in crontab entries, on Unix-like operating systems.

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Jobesque goal is to be a dead easy job scheduler solution for Clojure.


Artifacts are released to Clojars. It's a default repository for Leiningen but you can use it with other build tools, like Maven:


With Leiningen:

[jobesque "0.0.2"]

With Maven:



As you can see in the example below, only four functions are required to work with jobesque:

  • initialize allows you to create a new scheduler instance;
  • schedule tells the scheduler what to do, and when;
  • start starts the scheduler;
  • stop stops the scheduler.


(require '[jobesque.core :as jobs])

; Initialize the scheduler

; Schedule a job every minute
(jobs/schedule "* * * * *" (fn [] (println "A simple task.")))

; And start the scheduler

; Do something else...

; Stop the scheduler when not needed anymore

The scheduling pattern

A pattern is divided in five values, in the given order :

  • minutes, allowed values range from 0 to 59;
  • hours, allowed values range from 0 to 23;
  • days of month, values range from 1 to 31, with a special value L which means the last day ot the month;
  • months, values range from 1 to 12, with aliases like jan for January and so on;
  • days of week, values range from 0 (Sunday) to 7 (Sunday again), with aliases like sun for Sunday and so on.

Special characters

  • wildcard, to define every allowed values;
  • comma, to define a list a possible values;
  • minus, to define values interval;
  • slash, to define multiple values in a range with a step;
  • pipe, to combine multiple patterns in one.


  • * * * * *, every minute;
  • */5 * * * *, every five minutes;
  • 0-15/5 * * * *, every five minutes the first quarter hour;
  • * 12 * * mon, every minute of noon on monday;
  • 0 12 * * 1,2,3,4,5, from Monday to Friday at noon;
  • 0 12 * * 1-5, the same pattern than above;
  • 0 0 * * *|1 1 * * *|2 2 * * *, every day at 00:00, 01:01 and 02:02.


To be documented.


To be documented.

Job informations

To be documented.


To be documented.


To be documented.


To be documented.



  • Schedule a job


  • List scheduled jobs
  • Reschedule a job
  • Deschedule a job


  • Extends job properties
  • Improve documentation
  • Improve tests


  • Schedule jobs from a file


  • Jobs persistence

See also

You can also try:


Copyright (C) 2012 Gaylord Mazelier

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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