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<title>JsonFromJaxb Example</title>
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<h1>JsonFromJaxb Example</h1>
<p>This example demonstrates how to use JSON representation of JAXB based resources.
<p>A simple web application is presented with two resources: a flight list and a aircraft type list. A client can obtain the former list or update it using XML or JSON representation. The second list is read-only and shows how to provide JSON array using List&lt;JAXBBean&gt; objects.</p>
<p>This CXF sample offers a choice of two different JSON parsing libraries: <a href="">Jackson</a> and <a href="">Jettison</a>. The download is configured to use Jackson (the parser used in the Jersey version of this example) but to switch to Jettison update the pom.xml and jsonfromjaxb/ as indicated within those files.</p>
<p>The flight list web resource is implemented by <code>com.sun.jersey.samples.jsonfromjaxb.resources.FlightList</code> class.
The aircraft type list web resource is implemented by <code>com.sun.jersey.samples.jsonfromjaxb.resources.AircraftTypeList</code> class.
<p>The mapping of the URI path space is presented in the following table:</p>
<table border="1">
<th>URI path</th>
<th>Resource class</th>
<th>HTTP methods</th>
<td>GET, PUT</td>
<h2>Running the Example</h2>
<p>Run the example as follows:</p>
mvn clean compile exec:java</pre></blockquote>
<p>This deploys the JSON from JAXB example using
<a href="">Grizzly</a>
<p>A <a href="">WADL description</a> may be accessed at the URL:</p>
<blockquote><code><a href="http://localhost:9998/jsonfromjaxb?_wadl">http://localhost:9998/jsonfromjaxb?_wadl</a></code></blockquote>
<p>Following steps are using <a href="">cURL</a> command line tool:
<p>Get the list of flights in JSON format:</p>
<blockquote><pre>curl -HAccept:application/json http://localhost:9998/jsonfromjaxb/flights</pre></blockquote>
<p>Get the list of flights in XML format:</p>
<blockquote><pre>curl -HAccept:application/xml http://localhost:9998/jsonfromjaxb/flights</pre></blockquote>
<p>Get the list of aircraft types in JSON format:</p>
<blockquote><pre>curl -HAccept:application/json http://localhost:9998/jsonfromjaxb/aircrafts</pre></blockquote>
<p>You can also see test classes at <code>src/main/test</code> subdirectory
for detail information how to consume the service using Jersey client API</p>
<h2>Jackson vs. Jettison JSON Provider differences</h2>
<p>See above for switching from Jackson to Jettison. Note values returned by Jackson will sometimes
differ from those returned by Jettison. You can see a difference by running this command using
each provider:</p>
<blockquote><pre>curl -HAccept:application/json http://localhost:9998/jsonfromjaxb/flights/MyBean</pre></blockquote>
<p>See the comments in the jaxb.MessageBean class for more information.</p>