@gmazza gmazza released this Jun 23, 2018 · 23 commits to master since this release

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Option for Multi-factor authentication using Google Authenticator provided (enabled by default, can turn off if desired)

Blog template language switched from Velocity 1.0 to Thymeleaf 3.0.

Templating system simplified -- rather than older Roller model of defining separate template files for mobile and standard browser for every page making up a template, now a common template file is used, better fitting one-size-fits-all responsive design used today. However, whenever desired, "getDeviceType()" macro remains available to trigger different stylesheets based on the reader's calculated device type (standard, tablet, mobile.)

Comments by a logged-in blogger tagged as such in the database, allowing for differing styling of the blogger's comments to those of the blogger's readers.

All emails sent by TightBlog now in HTML format using Thymeleaf.

Tag and Category Management pages now include counts of the number of entries having that item as well as first and last entries with that item.

Continued code simplification, dropping of 27 Java source files (146 to 119) and one more database table (13 to 12), compare to 493 source files & 33 tables from the original Roller 5.1.0 fork.