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This is my default keybindings for OS X.

Info on keybinds at ADC's Text Defaults Bindings.

These notes do apply to Cocoa applications such as Xcode, Interface Builder, TextEdit, and others which use the text system.

The standard key bindings are specified in /System/Library/Frameworks/AppKit.framework/Resources/StandardKeyBinding.dict. These standard bindings include a large number of Emacs-compatible control key bindings, all the various arrow key bindings, bindings for making field editors and some keyboard UI work, and backstop bindings for many function keys.

With these bindings it would be necessary to type “Control-Q, Option-f” in order to type a florin character instead of moving forward a word.

This maybe interesting to add as well Emacs Opt Keybindings with writeup at Cocoa Text System.

Key bindings raise events on NSResponder, and most interesting are the Action Nessages. Note: there don't seem to exist messages for things like sentences.

Text System Defaults must be added with through the OS X user defaults system. Running captures these settings.