A Developer setup for OS X Lion (based on LeopardTamer & Smeagol)
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Quick install

This script will:

  • Install chef on your machine under the ruby shipped with OS X
  • Install rvm
  • Install ruby 1.9.2 and set it as default
  • Install ruby 1.8.7-p302
  • Install jruby-1.5.3
  • Install a sane set of gems for each ruby
  • Install a sane irbrc from a template
  • Collect various information about your github account
  • Install git
  • Uninstall macports
  • Uninstall any existing homebrew installs
  • Install homebrew
  • Use homebrew to install useful utilties, such as markdown, wget, sqlite ctags-exuberant, bash-completion
  • Use homebrew to Install mysql and populate it with MDI's standard throwaway user / pass
  • Use homebrew to install memcached, but don't start it with a LaunchAgent by default
  • Install macvim from homebrew and tell it to take precedence over the system vim
  • Install a sane set of vim configs from a template

This script will not prompt before it does anything :)

First make sure xcode is installed, then do:

eval $"`curl https://raw.github.com/gist/647636/install_leopard_tamer.sh`"