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Config to setup a working squid cache proxy with SSL/TLS inspection or HTTPS interception
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Squid proxy configuration for SSL/TLS inspection

This repo contains a working config for Squid 4.10 with support for SSL/TLS inspection

  • in certs/ dir you can find the .pem certificate to be imported into your browser CA to browse webwithout errors
  • in squid/ dir you can find all Squid config files

Read here howto setup Squid proxy using this configuration

├── certs
│   └── CyberSaiyan-mitm.pem
└── squid
    ├── cache
    │   └── exclude
    │       ├── contenttype.conf
    │       ├── domainaddr.conf
    │       ├── domainname.conf
    │       ├── useraddr.conf
    │       └── useragent.conf
    ├── squid.conf
    └── ssl
        ├── error
        │   ├── domains.conf
        │   └── ips.conf
        └── exclude
            ├── domains.conf
            ├── ips.conf
            ├── useraddr.conf
            └── useragent.conf
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