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This project allows you to get a complete list of twitter thread replies and be notified new twitter threads replies


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Twitter Scraper

This project is made of 2 scripts

  • to get a complete list of twitter threads replies so you can have a fast and complete view of complex threads even if you are not cited in all the tweet branches
  • to check and be notified about new twitter threads replies reads a text file fileed with tweets URL (one per line) in the following format<SCREEN_NAME>/status/<ID>

The script checks for replies to the given tweet and writes to stdout, keeping replies indentation.

Option -s gives a short output that can be useful to diff content between different iterations of the script; this way you can check for newer replies and notify.

usage: -f file [-s]
-f  : name of the input file that contains twitter URLs (1 per line) in the following format:<SCREEN_NAME>/status/<ID>
-s  : csv output; useful to diff content between different iterations of the script

Twitter Access Tokens

Before start playing with you need your Twitter access tokens (keys/secrets).

Generate here

Twitter's API doesn't allow you to get all the replies to a tweet, the script use it to search for replies to a given tweet and replies to any reply as well.


Twitter search API only returns results from last 7 days. This means that search results are limited to last 7 days


The script is tested with python 2 and 3 on Ubuntu (from 18.04 to 22.04)

To start playing with

  • install required pip packages:
# Python 2.7
sudo pip install python-twitter
sudo pip install pytz
# Python 3
sudo pip3 install python-twitter
sudo pip3 install pytz


Before first run change twitter access tokens. Find and replace following placeholders (mandatory)


Modify script local_timezone var to print tweet dates in your locale (optional)

local_timezone = 'Europe/Rome'

Full list here: is a bash script that uses csv output to diff between two iteration of the script and show new replies (if any).

Notice that the script execute the following command. -f tweet.list -s

Put your tweets in tweet.list file or edit TWEETLIST var

If curl is installed (sudo apt install curl) the tweet content is printed; in this case remember to set APIKEY and APISECRETKEY to the same value of CONSUMER_KEY and CONSUMER_SECRET in file

tweet content via lynx


command line

$ ./  -f tweet.list
[INFO] Start scraping from tweet URL

| From:	 Jesse V. Burke (@Jesse_V_Burke)
| Date:	 16/01/2019 14:01:07
| URL:
| @benkow_ Benkow I have slides analyzing bulehero probably 6+ months ago. DM me let’s chat about this c2

| From:	 Benkøw moʞuƎq (@benkow_)
| Date:	 16/01/2019 12:17:21
| URL:
| A lot of web vulns / BF  behind that binary (looks like a worm)

  | From:	 Benkøw moʞuƎq (@benkow_)
  | Date:	 16/01/2019 12:20:55
  | URL:
  | also Eternalblue
$ ./  -f tweet.list -s
16/01/2019 14:01:07,,
16/01/2019 12:17:21,,
16/01/2019 12:20:55,,



command line

$ ./ 
Log file found, archiving...
Executing ~/twitter-scraper/
Checking for new tweets...
Found  new replies

> New reply to tweet on 30/03/2020 11:32:10
>> link:
Giovanni fai come vuoi. Di solito non si fa cosi. E se è stato sistemato in meno di 6 ore (tra l'altro di domenica) significa che dietro ci sono persone in gamba e proattive che magari potevi aiutare senza tutto sto casino. Gli errori li facciamo tutti in ICT. Cmq grazie…" 




Based on the initial work made by @edsu


This project allows you to get a complete list of twitter thread replies and be notified new twitter threads replies







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