NodeMC-based free Minecraft server host, since abandoned.
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What is this? was a business idea put forward by James of GGServer. Using NodeMC, it was a way of providing free Minecraft server hosting.

Why is it open source now?

Why not? It's always nice to have code available, I take pride in the platform I built, both in NodeMC and I think it could be an excellent thing for people to play with.

What is NodeMC?

See here

Can I use this for my own projects?

See the LICENSE file. Basically, feel free to use the code as an example. But if you decide to fork the project build on top of it, use large amounts of our codebase, etc. you must:

  • State the changes you have made
  • Open source your own application
  • Use the same license.

You can read more about the AGPLv3 here.

What does it implement?'s source is largely complete, and we were aiming to launch a beta. However due to lack of motivation on NodeMC v6, the project was abandoned. That said, there's a lot of things that were implemented:

  • User registration and login
    • Password encryption + hashin
    • Temporary email blocking
    • Password reset
  • Email confirmation
  • Server provisioning and monitoring
  • Full NodeMC dashboard utilizing the API

Where's the source?

I'm currently tidying it up. You can see the beta or polish branches until I feel the code is presentable enough to be moved to the master branch. polish is to be merged with beta soon, and beta -> master shortly thereafter.


  • PHP

  • MySQL

  • Webserver for PHPMail

  • nginx or Apache