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  • Refactor cookbook for simplified data-driven recipe code
  • Add test scaffolding
  • Add rake tasks for attribute testing and foodcritic
  • Deprecate ntp::disable in favor of separate ntp::undo and ntp::ntpdate
  • ntp::ntpdate now operates based on boolean "disable" attribute
  • Add Travis CI integration
  • Update documentation and metadata
  • Add reference documentation for cookbook testing


  • [COOK-1158] - RHEL family >= 6 has ntpdate package


  • Related to changes in COOK-1124, fix group for freebsd and else


  • [COOK-1124] - parameterised driftfile and statsdir to be configurable by platform


  • [COOK-952] - freebsd support
  • [COOK-949] - check for any virtual system not just vmware


  • Fixes COOK-376 (use LAN peers, iburst option, LAN restriction attribute)


  • Support scientific linux
  • Use service name attribute in resource (fixes EL derivatives)
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