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HTM-Able Topological Cortical Hunks
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HTM-Able Topological Cortical Hunks

HTM is a theory of neocortical function developped by Numenta with an open research philosophy. You can read about it on or participate in the active community at

HTMATCH aims to be a C++ architecture for simulating cortical areas, taking advantage of biologically plausible topologies, and typical range at which cells can connect to their neighbors, to in fact increase performance.

It is a strong design intent to keept the final framework model-agnostic, but allow it to run models abiding to HTM philosophies in particular (hence the 'HTM-Able' designation).

Current proposal of optimized, but "vanilla" HTM implementations is but a first step.

Already available:

  • Optimized version of HTM Spatial Pooler

Soon to be available:

  • Further optimized versions of HTM Spatial Pooler (yet faster local inhibition)

  • Implementation of HTM Temporal Memory.

To come at some point:

  • Topological architecture intended to support multi-area computational models
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