removeObjectAtIndex:index withAnimation:GMGridViewItemAnimationFade not correctly displaying right index #110

joshuafeldman opened this Issue May 22, 2012 · 1 comment


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I have been seeing an issue using removeObjectAtIndex: withAnimation: in both the demo project as well as my own when using any of the layout strategies with paging. If you delete and object in the same position twice you'll notice you end up with two of the same indexes. It's pretty annoying and happens with the demo project. Using a simply horizontal strategy does not seem to have this effect.

Correction, it seems to have the effect with all. With the demo project I maxed out the item spacing and edge insets which placed about 4 items per page. Then if you delete a couple times in the same location you'll notice the same index appears twice. In my project I only have one item per page. And when the remove works correctly the animation plays through. But when it doesn't there is no animation and duplicated indexes. I will see if I can spend some time debugging this over the weekend.

Wondering if anyone else can verify this?

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