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didTapOnItemAtIndex problem #147

pghodgman opened this Issue September 04, 2012 · 2 comments

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Fishy Pete Ali Servet Donmez Ricardo Santos
Fishy Pete

I used the examples to create a simple app that displays images instead of the colored boxes. I have a simple object that holds an image and some text that I maps directly into the cells I provide via cellForItemAtIndex. All is good until I hook up the tapping. Since the GridView re-orders the layout of the objects the index provided with didTapOnItemAtIndex does not match the order of image objects in a collection I manage. What do I have to do to make sure my collection of objects (and indexes) matches that of the GMGridView?

Ali Servet Donmez

Although it is not fair opening an issue related to your personal issues as if GMGridView has anything to do with it, I guess you could try assign 'tag' values for your cell views and read them even though they're reordered.

Ricardo Santos

What layout strategy are you using? Default is vertical so maybe you need to change it to horizontal.

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