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GridView dequeues visible cells, i.e. some of my visible cells disappear when I call reloadData #152

acecapades opened this Issue Oct 1, 2012 · 0 comments

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I'm using GMGridView which is a good open source code that supports grid views.

I have a class named 'ProductsGVC' which presents a grid view of products belonging to a certain 'Category'. ProductsGVC's data model is an array of products taken from an instance of a 'Category'.

My GMGridView creates 250 cells at a time. As I load each cell, I have a thread that downloads an image for each cell. While waiting for it to finish downloading, I put a default image in the cell's image view. Logically, after downloading the cell, I want to reload the cell to update the photo. I'm successful at doing this using this code:

//_currentData is my array of products
[_gmGridView reloadObjectAtIndex:[_currentData indexOfObject:product] animated:YES];
However, if the user decides to see the products of another category, the contents of _currentData is changed so I get errors when I call this line of code.

My inefficient solution is to call[_gmGridView reloadData] anytime a cell finishes downloading its image. The result is, the cells I've loaded before, disappear. I'm guessing their dequeued and reused. Well, they do appear again when I scroll a number of times away from those cells that disappeared.

My question is, how do I prevent dequeue-ing a visible cell or a cell that's currently in use?

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