iOS 6 - No tap gesture recognition when started in landscape mode #179

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If I start my application with a GridView in landscape mode an the iPad simulator, the frame and bounds of the view are correctly adjusted, but if I tap outside of the frame (0,0; 748, 704), no gestures are going to be triggered, but everything is correctly drawn.
The view has following frame and bounds in landscape mode: (0, 0; 1024, 704).
If I load another view and return then to my grid view, all gestures are correctly recognized.
Also when I change to portrait mode and then come back to landscape mode or if I start in portrait mode and turn then to the landscape mode everything is good.

Has somebody similar experience, does somebody know the solution or has at least an idea how to fix that?

Thank you for any help

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It sounds like you are not correctly resizing your view. Note that views will always load in portrait orientation. You must ensure your app is correctly resizing when appropriate (typically at the end of viewDidLoad).

Either way, it is most likely an issue with your viewController setup, and not GMGridView.

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