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Background image view for each row / column #39

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Hi there!

Really nice view you've developed!! For me it is the most interesting grid view I have found at the moment.

Is it possible to specify a view for each row or column?

I tried with something like this:
...scrollView.backgroundColor = [UIColor colorWithPatternImage:[UIImage imageNamed:@"image.png"]];
but it seems to have very bad performance.


No there's no way to specify a background per column/row.

I'll have to try this and see if there's anything we can improve to make it more performant.

Do you need the background to follow the scroll? Cant it be on a UIView under the Grid ? Only difference being that it will not move when the grid is scrolled.


I want this too. Did you find anyway to add background image view for each row, gmoledina? Thanks. Your project help me so much.


Please take a look at AQGridView:
He can do this feature in his project.


I really need this feature, too.


is there anyway to make bookshelf (like iBooks) using GMGridView?


I join the request above! iBooks-like UI layout needs are a very common case.


+1 for iBooks-like UI


I need this too


I need this too.

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