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Layout: Horizontal + Vertical #46

dtorres opened this Issue Feb 9, 2012 · 1 comment

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dtorres commented Feb 9, 2012

I've looking for a Grid to do an App but the catch with my concept is that it will grow Horizontally and Vertically as content is available.

Maybe there's already a way to achieve this here but i'm not aware.

To put it in context:
lets say I have a TV Guide, the App doesn't know how many channels (Y axis) nor the timeline width (time has no bounds).

The user would also be able to filter the channels so once the data about channels is obtained there is no certainty the Y axis will have the same number of rows as it could decrease (And the idea is not to set a new grid but make a smooth transition)

Also the user would be able to add rss like urls so there might be more channels than the known.

That's just an example but you get the idea of a Grid that has no bounds, right?

Is there a way to do it currently? or should I wait? or develop?


I'm having an exactly similaire need, had you succeeded to do that or did you find a turn around ?
Thank you.

@dtorres dtorres closed this Apr 27, 2015
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