Layout bug when reloading Cell with fade animation #57

blackgold9 opened this Issue Mar 13, 2012 · 5 comments

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When i reload a cell in the grid with the crossfade animation, the cell jumps to 0,0, and then fades back to it's correct location very quickly. It's easy to see if you slow down the simulator animations.

See video:


Yep, noticed something like this too. Feel free to send a pull request!


Glad it's not just me screwing up somewhere. I'll take a look after i ship :)


I have the exact same issue..


Sorry, I usually just make use of the github rather than participating in the development.

But I actually managed to fix this issue (on the fade animation).
(I only fixed it on the method I make use of it may be a consistent problem -- see if it happens everywhere)



  • (void)reloadObjectAtIndex:(NSInteger)index withAnimation:(GMGridViewItemAnimation)animation

The 'currentView' cell is being painted in the 0,0 position. Just don't animate its transition out and the replacement cell will correctly be painted over it.

(i.e. comment out the following line:)
// currentView.alpha = 0;

and poof, problem gone. Hope it helps.

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