GMGridViewLayoutHorizontalPagedLTR sort pagechange stutters/does not work #78

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First of all thanks for an indescribably awesome library!

I have GMGridView setup with the GMGridViewLayoutHorizontalPagedLTR layout and an NSFetchedResultsController. It works better than I'd ever have hoped for, but I have one problem:

When I drag items to the side of the gridview, to move them to the next page, the page doesn't change. Instead it scrolls in a stuttery fashion, while the item moves to the opposite side, approximately half an inch for every stutter, so that when I'm finally on the next page the item I'm moving is situated a few inches from my finger.

If you haven't got a project with a similar implementation, I will happily invite you to testflight mine so that you can see what's going on. I really hope someone can help :)


Thanks @rasmusth

Using the NSFetchedResultsController in the datasource class shouldn't cause any issue.

Do you experience the same behaviour as in the demo code ? The page doesn't change when you are still moving the cell; it does so only once you are done moving it.


I do experience the same problem in your demo. When setting Grid2 to GMGridViewLayoutHorizontalPagedLTR and dragging a cell to the side of the screen, it stutters to the side for half an inch at a time. I am positive that users will expect the same behavior as the springboard has. Another issue that is also present in the demo, is that if you grab a cell, drag it to the side, and let the grid scroll for less than what triggers a pagechange, the grid does not snap to a page when letting go of the cell.

My app is a tiny bit different from the demo app in that the grid does not have from edge to edge, and I think that is what causes the bug where the cell moves away from my finger.

Thanks for the quick response :)


I have just encountered this in a project. Has anyone found a solution since these comments were originally posted?



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