Please add support for batch edit like UITableView's beginUpdates and endUpdates #79

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When using UITableView to updates a few rows , you have some indexes and you can use beginUpdates and endUpdates.

When using GMGridView I found this is difficult,you can only insert/delete/move one cell a time.And the indexes are changed immediately.

For Example I want to delete cell at index 3,4,5,6.Now I can only remove index 3 for 4 times, and if the indexes get complex this will get more and more inconvinet.And the animation for these are also not supported

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I wonder the same question. I'd like to use this in combination with NSFetchedResultsController. Thanks.

g-mark commented Jun 26, 2012











+1 beginUpdates endUpdates support would be awesome. Currently, if you're using NSFetchedResultsController with GMGridView, multiple managed object updates (specially inserts) cannot be handled properly.

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