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Set Columns and Long Touch at Action Delegate #130

wants to merge 16 commits into from

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  • Add "numberOfColumnsInInterfaceOrientation" optional data source method;
  • Turn the "sizeForItemsInInterfaceOrientation" into an optional data source method;
  • Add (float) heightScaleFactor as a property of GMGridView class;
  • Add "itemSizeInInterfaceOrientation" public method;
  • Add "didLongTouchOnItemAtIndex" optional data source method.

Cara, porque as mudanças aqui?
Não seria o caso de dar um reset nesse arquivo?


Eu aproveitaria a oportunidade pra trocar esta linha de código por esta:

float width = floorf((self.bounds.size.width - emptySpace) / columns;
Rodolfo Dani and others added some commits Oct 8, 2012
Rodolfo Dani Minor adjustments 2c8aa68
@rcdani rcdani Merge pull request #1 from flipstudio/HeightScaleFactor
mkuquert Add .podspec on repo 4cfcbd7
@gvieira gvieira Renamed to FGMGridView 73875a7
Felipe Lobo Version update 1eed88d
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