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Sorting Support #160

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chadpod commented Nov 9, 2012

Figured I would issue this pull request since the feature is still being requested in the issue tracker on the repository. It adds drag/drop sorting, fixes a bug related to positioning the dragged item based on original grid index, and addresses some edge aliasing that was occurring for me during reorder. I've moved to mainly using collection views only, so I will probably delete my fork after this pull request is either merged or it becomes apparent that it won't be merged. Thanks for the great grid view!

chadpod added some commits Aug 1, 2012
@chadpod chadpod Manually merger pull request #47, "sortingDelegate additions: allow/d…
…isallow movement and insertion of items at certain index"
@chadpod chadpod Rasterize cells prior to shake animation to get rid of edge aliasing.
Change from using a transform to reposition dragged cell to using frame positioning based on gesture offset and original cell position.
Enabled sorting while in edit mode.
@chadpod chadpod Fix bug related to sorting while scrolling through grid. Had to store…
… original cell rect, instead of original index.
@chadpod chadpod Needed to set rasterizationScale for cell shake animation, so it had …
…proper resolution on Retina displays.
@chadpod chadpod Tweak the animation characteristics of the icon wiggle. 6aca766
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