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Quartzcore includefix #35

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dennda commented Jan 28, 2012

Fixed the compilation. Was broken due to incorrect case in QuartzCore include.

I have deleted my previous fork. This is a new fork and that fix is in its own branch with nothing else in it, so you may pull without risk.

steipete and others added some commits Dec 19, 2011
@steipete steipete refactors directory structure.
Now we have the folder "GMGridView" with the grid classes + an xcodeproj to build.
Next, there is "Example" which uses the new GMGridView.xcodeproj to link against the project.
This matches style with most other popular open source projects, and makes it easier to see what's the actual source code and what's the example. This was too mixed up previously.
@steipete steipete sex up the readme! 0fedbf4
@steipete steipete add newline to satisfy over-cautious compilers fec8f6c
@steipete steipete ignore build folder 27dbf77
@steipete steipete allow setting the scrollPosition cbe2e52
@steipete steipete allow more control over animations.
This change allows to set if an insert/update/etc should be animated or not.
It also allows adding a "scroll to action" with an extra animation flag.

Also, per default, property changes *don't* animate. We need more control here,
and setting a property never should automate *per default*. We can manually start
a animation after setting a property with layoutSubviewsWithAnimation, as seen in the updated example project.
@steipete steipete allow single cells to opt-out of edit mode
The dataSource now has a canDeleteItemAtIndex asking each cell before setting it to editable.
The deleteItemAtIndex has been renamed to shouldDeleteItemAtIndex and is now a member of the ActionDelegate.
If not implemented, YES is assumed, if it's there and NO is returned, the item won't be deleted automatically.
@steipete steipete some cleanup & documentation 829181f
@steipete steipete remove clutter 08acd3b
@gmoledina Changed the delete delegate methods, minor changes in code format 59d1d43
@gmoledina Uncommented some code I had commented for testing c700cd1
@gmoledina Fixed typos in readme 3746238
@gmoledina Added quick comment on delete delegate callback method 3084593
@steipete steipete change development target of static library to 4.0
switch to 5.0 if you want to have __weak
@steipete steipete merged conflict bb10557

About the GMGridViewCell (Privates), we can have as many categories as we want, but only on class extension.
There's already one for the cell in the GMGridViewCell+extended.h, that's why I didnt use the extension but used a category

Ah, totally overlooked that. Thanks.

Btw, with the edit-animated changes, the grid is now really smooth (at least for a reasonable amount of pages)


Oops my bad. I commented it when I was debugging the crash on iOS 4.

And I accidentally released a version of PSPDFKit that crashed unter iOS4 when accessing the thumbs... :/

dennda commented Jan 28, 2012

Sorry; I based this on the wrong branch on your side. I blame GitHub... :-)

@dennda dennda closed this Jan 28, 2012
@leberwurstsaft leberwurstsaft added a commit that referenced this pull request Aug 20, 2012
@leberwurstsaft leberwurstsaft Screenshots, Bookmarks von mehreren Charts
fixes #29
fixes #35
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