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Improving speed of layouting #92

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I just downloaded your library and started analyze source code. It's a nice written project).
But I found that setSubviewsCacheAsInvalid is called in every layoutSubviews call. I think that it's wrong to clear cache when I scroll by 1 pixel. We should do this only if we have new cells to load.
Am I wrong?


Maybe I'm wrong, but this code is very similar to another performance improvement that was committed then withdrawn a while ago.

While it's useful in speeding up scrolling (I have similar code in a private build), it apparently caused problems for some developers. Not quite sure why my use case isn't giving me the same problems (perhaps because I'm not allowing reordering)...


Hmm it means that I will change the library in different places when I will use it)


There are something wrong in the editing status.

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Commits on May 8, 2012
  1. @soniccat

    Improving speed of layouting

    soniccat authored
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  1. +10 −1 GMGridView/GMGridView.m
11 GMGridView/GMGridView.m
@@ -1383,7 +1383,16 @@ - (void)loadRequiredItems
// calculate new position range
self.firstPositionLoaded = self.firstPositionLoaded == GMGV_INVALID_POSITION ? rangeOfPositions.location : MIN(self.firstPositionLoaded, (NSInteger)rangeOfPositions.location);
self.lastPositionLoaded = self.lastPositionLoaded == GMGV_INVALID_POSITION ? NSMaxRange(rangeOfPositions) : MAX(self.lastPositionLoaded, (NSInteger)(rangeOfPositions.length + rangeOfPositions.location));
+ // return if all items was already loaded
+ if( self.firstPositionLoaded != GMGV_INVALID_POSITION &&
+ self.lastPositionLoaded != GMGV_INVALID_POSITION &&
+ self.firstPositionLoaded == loadedPositionsRange.location &&
+ self.lastPositionLoaded == loadedPositionsRange.location + loadedPositionsRange.length)
+ {
+ return;
+ }
// remove now invisible items
[self setSubviewsCacheAsInvalid];
[self cleanupUnseenItems];
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