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A performant Grid-View for iOS (iPhone/iPad) that allows sorting of views with gestures (the user can move the items with his finger to sort them) and pinching/rotating/panning gestures allow the user to play with the view and toggle from the cellview to a fullsize display.
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GM-GRID-VIEW (MIT license)

An iOS Grid-View allowing the user to sort the views in the scrollView. 
This view is inspired by the UITableView and uses a delegate and a datasource in order to get the data and interact with it.

- iOS 5 (for NSMutableOrderedSet and to access the UIScrollView gestureRecognizers)

- Works on both the iPhone and iPad
- Works on both portrait and landscape orientation
- Perform a long-touch on a view to be able to move it
- Works great inside a scrollView
- Only one UIPanGestureRecognizer and one UILongTouchGestureRecognizer used to track ALL views
- Two different animation styles ("Swap" or "Push")
- Demo app provided

- Not loading all views at once (using CATiledLayer ?)
- Adding a pinch on views to zoom them

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