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Bash script to change Tor's {Exit Nodes} Country Codes from terminal
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Tor Browser {ExitNodes} Changer

Change Tor's {ExitNodes} Country Codes easily!

Name         : Tor Browser {ExitNodes} Changer
Description  : Bash script to change Tor's {ExitNodes} Country Codes
Version      : 1.3
Enviroment   : OS X / Unix / Windows
Author       : gmo
Proyect      :


This script will read, check and modify for you, your Tor config file named: torrc
Then it will close the browser (if it was already opened) and relaunch with the new config.

The goal is to have the ability to change Tor Browser Exit Nodes in a easy way...

Unix/OS X version

Use :
Info :

Windows version

Use : tor_exitNode_changer.bat
Info :

Know issues

If torrc file is empty, you will need to manually write ExitNodes {IT} (IT is an example), (can be done with tor --edit).
With some countries, Tor Browser stuck in Connecting window... but I don't know if it's because that language is deprecated in Node list or is just that Tor can't find a proper proxy in that specific moment.
In this case, relaunch and/or wait


Refer to changelog file.


It was a personal need that ended up in this code. I thought that would be helpful for others, so I shared here.
Use as you want, test yourself, and modify as you like but if you find any bug or want to improve it in any way, feel free to comment, fork or share your suggestions here so all can be benefit of your suggestion.

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