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RASSP Docker

This is a docker image for a RASSP node. For more info about RASSP check

To create a RASSP cluster first create a Java Key Store for each RASSP node named keystore.jks. All the public keys created must be imported in the truststore.jsk store. The truststore.jsk in this repository already contains some public keys used for an experimental deployment. This file can be replaced with the created truststore.jsk. The keystore and truststore usernames and passwords are defined in the application.conf file.

Also you need to create a file containing the RASSP dataset and name it User.json.

The RASSP nodes by default use port 8080 to communicate. The port can be defined in the section bellow

akka {
  remote {
    netty.ssl = {
        port = 8080

in the application.conf file. In this document examples use the default port.

To build this image first clone this repository and in the cloned directory issue docker build -t rassp .

To deploy a RASSP node issue the following command docker run -d -p 8080:2552 -v /path/to/keystore:/root/keystore -v /path/to/dataset:/root/dbFiles -e HOSTNAME=HOST_IP -e GROUP_PROXIES=\"akka.ssl.tcp://benaloh@PROXY_IP1:8080\",\"akka.ssl.tcp://benaloh@PROXY_IP2:8080\" -e SEED_NODE=SEED_IP -e PEERS=\"akka.ssl.tcp://benaloh@IP1:8080\",\"akka.ssl.tcp://benaloh@IP2:8080\",\"akka.ssl.tcp://benaloh@IP3:8080\" rassp


  • /path/to/keystore the directory containing the keystore.jks
  • /path/to/dataset/ the directory containing the dataset User.json
  • HOST_IP the IP of the host machine
  • SEED_IP the akka cluster seed node IP
  • PROXY_IP{n} the IPs of the RASSP node that act as group proxies
  • IP{n} the IPs of the rest of the nodes in the group


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