A Mobile App showing how to implement OAuth 2.0 with Google API on Phonegap with Childbrowser
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Implementing OAuth 2.0 with Google API in Phonegap / ChildBrowser

The code demonstrates how to implement OAuth 2.0 with Google API in Phonegap with ChildBrowser Plugin. Below are different screenshots of the App. The App authorize a Google Tasks API using OAuth 2.0 and then it accesses the User's Tasks and displays them in a list view.

AuthorizeView AuthorizeGoogleLogin AuthorizeAllowApp TaskListView

Download and Install Demo App

You can download and install the App from Phonegap Build directly:
Note: You can also fork project, customize and then build your app using PhoneGap build system.

Read Online Tutorial

The online tutorial explaining the code are posted in the following places (both are same):



Install Functional App from Play Store

You can also download fully functional TODO app, which uses Google's cloud based Tasks API. Currently we've released this only on Google Play store.

Quick Task on Google™ Play


Author: Abdullah Rubiyath, Hossain Khan
The code is licensed under MIT License.
Copyright (c) 2012 Liquid Labs Inc.