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Code for my lightning talk at pgCon 2011
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On Rabbits and Elephants


  1. Install RabbitMQ and Management Plugin from:

  2. In the RabbitMQ Management Web UI add:

  3. A direct exchange called "postgres"

  4. A queue called "transactions"

  5. Bind the queue "transactions" to the exchange "postgres" with the routing key "pubish_transactions"

  6. Create two databases:

  7. createdb server

  8. createdb client

  9. Install pg_amqp in to the "server" database. PostgreSQL from:


     easy_install pgxnclient
     pgxnclient install pg_amqp


     psql server < pg_amqp.sql
  10. Import the schemas

     psql server < server.sql
     psql client < client.sql
  11. Install pika, the Python RabbitMQ client library:

     easy_install pika


Kick off all three apps in different terminals:

  1. Kick off ./

  2. Kick off ./

  3. Kick off ./


I included a file here if install the requirements, it will do all of the postgres specific schema setup and the pg_amqp.sql file included in the distro is copied from my contrib install of pg_amqp and your milage may vary.

I used PostgreSQL 9.0.3, RabbitMQ 2.4.1, pika 0.9.6pre0 (github master), psycopg2 2.4.1 and Python 2.6.1