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Fairly significant cleanup

- Rename application.TinmanApplication to application.Application
- Rename application.TinmanAttributes to application.Attributes
- Rename process.TinmanProcess to process.Process
- Rename controller.TinmanController to controller.Controller
- Change Application.tinman to Application.attributes
- Change the configuration for paths to be a little neater as a nested list
- Change the syntax for the __base_path__ macro to {{base}}
- Remove the package_name and __package_path__ macro
- Support UI modules better
- Clean up application.Attributes attar handling
- logger -> LOGGER where found
- Use constants when referring to configuration file directives
- Fix the redis session handling, moving it to blocking due to the non-async nature of the prepare() command
- Cleanup references to Application.tinman in application.handlers.redis, application.handlers.rabbitmq, application.handlers.session
- Add missing docstrings
- Fix broken session objects when non private variables for application, duration and configuration were overwritten when the session data was loaded
- Remove unused imports
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1 parent 1b78f1c commit 0dc90bfe7420f47352d1f7e224009ba1473ed20a Gavin M. Roy committed Dec 30, 2012
@@ -55,7 +55,8 @@
'MsgPack Sessions': 'msgpack',
'PostgreSQL': 'psycopg2',
'RabbitMQ': 'pika',
- 'Redis': 'tornado-redis'},
+ 'Redis': 'tornado-redis',
+ 'Redis Sessions': 'redis'},
data_files=[(key, data_files[key]) for key in data_files.keys()],
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