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Make the warning against using the heap report more clear

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Gavin M. Roy
Gavin M. Roy committed Oct 23, 2012
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@@ -108,8 +108,9 @@ session behavior to use different types of storage backends and serializers.
#### Heapy
The Heapy handler uses the guppy library to inspect the memory stack of your
running Tinman application, providing a JSON document back with the results.
-It is *very* slow and blocking so it should be used very sparingly and if used
-on a production application, with the whitelist decorator.
+It is *very* slow and blocking and can take many *MINUTES* to complete so it
+should be used very sparingly and if used on a production application, with
+the whitelist decorator.
To use the Heapy handler, just add the route to your configuration:

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