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GLYPHICONS Sprite Generator for Bootstrap

💥Important💥 This project is deprecated and no longer maintained. If you'd like to take it over, please contact me.

The GLYPHICONS Sprite Generator allows you to change the size and colors of the Bootstap icons using the Free or Pro versions of GLYPHICONS. When using the Pro files, all the extra icons will be available to your Bootstrap project.

New CSS and PNG sprites are generated that can override Bootstrap's default icon before or mixed into a Bootstrap LESS project.


The only required non-standard-library package that is needed is the Python Imaging Library. To install this simply run "easy_install pil" or "pip install pil"

How to use

  1. Download the type of GLYPICONS distribution and extract the zip file

  2. Copy into the extracted glypicons_free or glyphicons pro folder

  3. Check to see if you want to change any of the constants at the top of the script (size, preview background, etc)

  4. Run, if everything worked property, will have generated the following files in the "sprites" directory:

    • glyphicons.css CSS Overrides
    • glyphicons.html Preview HTML
    • glyphicons.png Black Icons
    • glyphicons-white.png White (or colorized) icons
  5. Open sprites/glyphicons.html in your browser (if you're on a Mac, it will try and do so itself)

How to use in your Bootstrap project

  1. Copy the glyphicons.png and glyphicons-white.png to the project img directory.
  2. Include the glyphicons.css file after the bootstrap CSS files or include in your bootstrap.less files after the sprites.less entry.
  3. Edit glyphicons.css, fixing the paths to the image files in the background-image directives.

How to change the icon sizes or colors

In are three variables you can use to impact the generated sprites: WHITE, PREVIEW_BACKGROUND and ICON_SIZE.

The WHITE variable controls the RGB values of the foreground of the icons. Change any of the three values to any number between 0 and 255:

 # Make the icons red
 WHITE = (255, 0, 0)

The PREVIEW_BACKGROUND variable only impacts the glyphicons.html file and can be used to tweak icon colors against different backgrounds. This is an RGB triplet without the hash symbol (#).

 # Change the preview background to yellow

The ICON_SIZE changes the dimensions of the icons in the sprites and in the CSS. This should be two values representing the width and height:

# Change to big icons!
ICON_SIZE = 58,58

Using Glyphicons

Since you're here and if you plan on using this, you should support the designer who made GLYPHICONS and pay the modest license fee for the Pro version. Not only do you get more icons out of it, but whatever you're using this for will get higher quality icons out of it. If you use the Pro icons as a source, the higher resolution icons will be used.


The GLYPHICONS Sprite Generator allows you to change the size and colors of the Bootstap icons using the Free or Pro versions of GLYPHICONS.







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