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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# Python Script to generate inventory file for GMT official documentation
import zlib
inventory_header = '''\
# Sphinx inventory version 2
# Project: GMT
# Version: 5.3.1
# The remainder of this file is compressed with zlib.
modules = ['gmt', 'gmt5syntax', 'isogmt', 'gmtwhich',
'blockmean', 'blockmedian', 'blockmode', 'filter1d', 'fitcircle',
'gmt2kml', 'gmtconnect', 'gmtconvert', 'gmtdefaults', 'gmtget',
'gmtinfo', 'gmtlogo', 'gmtmath', 'gmtselect', 'gmtset',
'gmtsimplify', 'gmtspatial', 'gmtswitch', 'gmtvector',
'grd2cpt', 'grd2rgb', 'grd2xyz', 'grdblend', 'grdclip',
'grdcontour', 'grdcut', 'grdedit', 'grdfft', 'grdfilter',
'grdgradient', 'grdhisteq', 'grdimage', 'grdinfo',
'grdlandmask', 'grdmask', 'grdmath', 'grdpaste', 'grdproject',
'grdraster', 'grdconvert', 'gmtregress', 'grdsample',
'grdtrack', 'grdtrend', 'grdvector', 'grdview', 'grdvolume',
'greenspline', 'kml2gmt', 'makecpt', 'mapproject', 'nearneighbor',
'psconvert', 'psbasemap', 'psclip', 'pscoast', 'pstext',
'psxy', 'project', 'pscontour', 'pshistogram', 'psimage',
'pslegend', 'psmask', 'psrose', 'psscale', 'pssolar',
'pswiggle', 'psxyz',
'sample1d', 'spectrum1d', 'sph2grd', 'sphdistance',
'sphinterpolate', 'sphtriangulate', 'splitxyz', 'surface',
'triangulate', 'trend1d', 'trend2d', 'xyz2grd',
supplements = {
'gshhg' : ['gshhg'],
'img' : ['img2google', 'img2grd'],
'meca' : ['pscoupe', 'psmeca', 'pspolar', 'pssac', 'psvelo'],
'mgd77' : ['mgd77info', 'mgd77magref', 'mgd77path', 'mgd77track',
'mgd77convert', 'mgd77list', 'mgd77manage', 'mgd77sniffer'],
'misc' : ['dimfilter'],
'potential': ['gmtgravmag3d', 'gpsgridder', 'gravfft', 'grdgravmag3d',
'grdredpol', 'grdseamount', 'gmtflexure', 'grdflexure',
'talwani2d', 'talwani3d'],
'segy' : ['pssegy', 'pssegyz', 'segy2grd'],
'spotter': ['backtracker', 'gmtpmodeler', 'grdpmodeler', 'grdspotter',
'originator', 'grdrotater', 'hotspotter', 'rotconverter'],
'x2sys' : ['x2sys_cross', 'x2sys_init', 'x2sys_put', 'x2sys_datalist',
'x2sys_list', 'x2sys_report', 'x2sys_binlist', 'x2sys_get',
'x2sys_merge', 'x2sys_solve'],
payload_list = []
for item in modules:
payload_list.append('{0} std:label -1 {0}.html {0}\n'.format(item))
for key, value in supplements.items():
for item in value:
payload_list.append('{1} std:label -1 supplements/{0}/{1}.html {1}\n'.format(key, item))
inventory_payload = ''.join(payload_list).encode('utf-8')
# inventory_payload lines spec:
# name domainname:type priority uri dispname
# * `name` -- fully qualified name
# * `dispname` -- name to display when searching/linking
# * `type` -- object type, a key in ``self.object_types``
# * `docname` -- the document where it is to be found
# * `anchor` -- the anchor name for the object
# * `priority` -- how "important" the object is
# (determines placement in search results)
# - 1: default priority (placed before full-text matches)
# - 0: object is important (placed before default-priority objects)
# - 2: object is unimportant (placed after full-text matches)
# - -1: object should not show up in search at all
inventory = inventory_header + zlib.compress(inventory_payload)
open('source/gmt.inv', 'wb').write(inventory)