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PhantomBot is a multi-purpose, cross-platform chat bot for
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This repo shows the revision history of PhantomBot, starting when the bot was released to the public at large.

The origins of PhantomBot

The repo shows the original version of PhantomBot. By starting at the first few commits you can see the state of the bot as it was when mast3rplan, the original developer, completed his work.

From there you can see the first few changes I made to bring PhantomBot into a better working state. Note that many of the commits are just generic "Sync" commits. This was before people like GloriousEgroll came along and the bot went fully public.

The commit history then continues on, in proper form, in this repository.

In this second, more proper repository, GloriousEggroll and PhantomCombo, then known as PhantomIndex, joined in to start improving the bot for the public at large. We were soon joined by ScaniaTV and kojitsari, with contributions from a few others as well.

Then, the latest, official, version of the bot continues over at

This third repository represents PhantomBot's current, most feature-packed, and best yet form. Run by Zelakto, IllusionaryOne, and ScaniaTV, with many others contributing. This version continues to be actively updated to keep up with the latest demands, fix the latest issues, and continue making PhantomBot the best Twitch bot there is.

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