Solidity compiler for hackable atom editor.
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atom-ethereum-interface package

Atom Solidity Compiler is a package for hackable Atom editor. Is uses web3js to interact with an Ethereum node.

A screenshot of atom-ethereum-interface package


To run and compile using atom-ethereum-interface, now it is not required to have a local ethereum node running and compilers installed. New version adds support to solc and ethereumjs to compile and run solidity codes without running a local node.

Note: Currently only solidity compiler is supported.

Ethereum client installation instruction

Start geth node using following command

geth --rpc --rpcapi="db,eth,net,web3,personal" --rpcport "8545" --rpcaddr "" --rpccorsdomain "localhost" console

Check if solidity compiler is installed


If solidity compiler is installed output will be similar

I0523 16:34:48.950510 common/compiler/solidity.go:114] solc, the solidity compiler commandline interface
Version: 0.3.0-0/Release-Linux/g++/Interpreter linked to libethereum-1.2.2-0/Release-Linux/g++/Interpreter

path: /usr/bin/solc


Install from source

This atom package is not yet available via atom package manager. To install it follow instructions bellow -

Clone git repository

git clone
cd atom-ethereum-interface

Install as atom package

apm link .
apm install

Install using atom-package-manager

You need to install


Assuming you have a local geth client running and rpc api listening on

  1. Go to package settings and set rpc address.

    atom-ethereum-interface package config

  2. Restart atom


Compile solidity code ctrl+alt+c

Deploy code with variables ctrl+alt+s

After deploying your code hit Create button to create and mine it

Also you can select between Javascript VM and an actual running Ethereum node.

New panel features

Once contract is mined you will see buttons with function names to call those functions


This is aimed to provide a front-end for Ethereum node. This interacts with Ethereum node via web3js. In future this project expects to support and provide all web3js commands required specifically for compiling solidity codes and execute them.

Self promotion

I have put my efforts to this project. I hope this package has helped my fellow ethereum developers. I am a MEAN stack developer. Also comfortable with ReactJS, meteor, golang. I am currently lookming for a decent paid job. If you are looking for a developer consider contacting me.