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This is a short course repository for the 2020 UNAVCO GMTSAR short course


David Sandwell, Xiaohua Xu, Rob Mellors, Paul Wessel, Ekaterina Tymofyeyeva, Kang Wang, Kathryn Materna

Assisted by

Rebecca Bendick, Melissa Weber, Donna Charlevoix


Please refer to the gmtsar wiki page for installation.

Need help?

Please ask your questions by opening an Issue insde this short course repository. You'll need a github account to do this. You could also write emails to your assigned instructor for help, but describing in details of the problems you met and keeping the thread readable will also help others. In cases you have a question during the lecture. We'll have instructors babysitting the chat window, and answer them. If they feel that the questions are important and need to be addressed by the lecturing instructor, they will interupt and ask that question.

Slack chat room

While the lectures go on, we will be holding a Slack chat room where you could pose questions and get answers in real-time.

Course Materials:

All course materials including slides, notes and video records will be uploaded to a shared Google Drive

Time table

July 22-23 (Wednesday-Thursday), 2020, 10AM PDT - 1PM PDT (plus continuted breakout sessions)

DAY-1 - July 22:

Session 1 - 1 hour

Number Theme Instructor
01 Introduction/agenda/photos Sandwell
02 UNAVCO and short courses Bendick
03 Homework, RS, SAR, and InSAR Sandwell
04 GMT Introduction Wessel
05 Student topo maps Wessel

On-line photo for 2020

Session 2 - 2 hours

Number Theme Instructor
06 Brief Introduction to InSAR Xu
07 Applications – volcanoes Mellors
08 Applications – earthquakes and postseismic Wang
09 Applications – hydrology and crustal fluids Materna
10 Applications – interseismic and atmosphere Tymofyeyeva
11 SAR data access – UNAVCO Wei
12 Sentinel data access demo and ASF Wei

Breakout session continue with assigned groups

DAY-2 – July 23

Session 1 – 1.5 hours

Number Theme Instructor
13 2-pass processing – tour of data files Materna
14 SAR Theory and orbits– Appendix A Sandwell
15 SAR Image formation – Appendix B Xu
16 InSAR Theory – Appendix C Tymofyeyeva

Session 2 – 1.5 hours

Number Theme Instructor
17 Phase filtering and unwrapping theory Mellors
18 Phase unwrapping – application – snaphu Wei
19 ScanSAR and TOPS Xu
20 Batch processing Tymofyeyeva

Breakout session continue with assigned groups


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