A command line application for Windows written in C# that allows a user to quickly send new todo's to Toodledo. I use it with launchy for ultra-fast todo input
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Todo - CL

A command line tool to quickly add tasks to Toodledo

Basic Installation and Usage

  1. Download and unzip the files to a location in your PATH

  2. Execute todo.exe with the -u and -p options to set your toodledo user id and password

     todo.exe -u myuserid -p mypassword

    NOTE: This is not your username, but the unique id located on your settings page in toodledo

  3. Execute todo.exe with a task name to add to your inbox

     todo.exe this is the task I want to add
  4. Bonus: Run it with launchy

Additional Options

  • -t --tags comma delimited list of tags

      todo.exe a task with tags -t work,play,tag3
  • -f --folder folder to insert the task into

      todo.exe a task with a folder -f Inbox
  • -c --context context to use

      todo.exe a task with a context -c Home
  • -l --length length of the task in minutes

      todo.exe a task with a length -l 20
  • -s --set set a default property

    Format = PROPERTY:VALUE (ex: folder:Actions)

      todo.exe set default folder -s folder:Inbox
      todo.ext set default context -s context:Home

    If set all new tasks will go to the default folder or context

  • -h --help display this help screen

Compiling From Source

This little project works with the Toodledo API Version 1.0. I will update it to work with 2.0 when Toodledo no longer supports 1.0.

This project also requires a few projects that are not provided:

ToodleDo API Client

.NET CommandLineParser