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Commits on Feb 2, 2012
  1. @stronk7

    weekly release 2.3dev

    stronk7 authored
  2. @nebgor
Commits on Feb 1, 2012
  1. @stronk7
  2. @danmarsden
  3. @danmarsden @nebgor

    MDL-28522 Choice : View reports now correctly shows unanswered column…

    danmarsden authored nebgor committed
    … - thanks to Marcus Boon for the patch
  4. @andyjdavis

    MDL-29615 message: reversed the default for messagingallowemailoverri…

    andyjdavis authored
    …de and added upgrade code so upgraded sites maintain consistent behaviour
  5. @stronk7
Commits on Jan 31, 2012
  1. @stronk7
  2. @stronk7
  3. @stronk7
  4. @stronk7
  5. @stronk7
  6. @stronk7
  7. @lazydaisy @stronk7

    MDL-30714 theme_afterburner: logo link to home page

    lazydaisy authored stronk7 committed
  8. MDL-31448 Replaced incorrect PHP comment

    Glenn Ansley authored
  9. @stronk7
  10. @stronk7
  11. @stronk7
  12. @stronk7
  13. @nebgor
  14. @nebgor
  15. @nebgor
  16. @nebgor
  17. @nebgor
  18. @andyjdavis

    MDL-30707 mod_forum: fixed a add_to_log() call that was causing inval…

    andyjdavis authored
    …id URLs to be added to the log
  19. @andyjdavis
  20. @andyjdavis

    MDL-29615 message: added the ability for admins to restrict users abi…

    andyjdavis authored
    …lity to set where their email message notifications go
  21. @andyjdavis
Commits on Jan 30, 2012
  1. @stronk7
  2. @stronk7
  3. @timhunt

    MDL-30484 question engine: don't lose response files when regrading.

    timhunt authored
    The problem was mostly that, in the past, we did not worry if changed during regrade (because we deleted the
    old step row and inserted a new one). However, now that steps can have
    associated files, we can't be that slack, becuase the step id is used as
    the file itemid.
    So, now, we have to update the existing rows during a regrade. We do
    this by having the question engine tell the question_engine_unit_of_work
    that the step has first been deleted, and then added back. Then we make
    the unit-of-work spot that delete + add = update.
    This also means that during regrading, we have to pass around some extra
    ids so that new steps know the id of the step they are replacing.
    Naturally, this requires some quite trickly logic, so I finally got
    around to writing unit tests for question_engine_unit_of_work, which is
    a good thing.
    Along the way I also got around to renaming
    question_attempt->set_number_in_usage, which got missed out when
    everthing else was renamed to slot ages ago.
    Finally, while working on this code, I noticed and fixed some PHPdoc
  4. @timhunt

    MDL-30854 quiz/question editing: fix create calc question & add on page.

    timhunt authored
    This was one of those innocent seeming issues where, once you start
    digging, you find a mess. In this case, the code that is now in
    question_wizard_form::add_hidden_fields used to exist in four different
    places, in four inconsistent versions. This is now all nicely
    re-factored, and that solves the problem.
    Along the way, I found and fixed some wrong string references in
    qtype_random, and stripped out some unnecessary &s in function
  5. @timhunt

    MDL-31314 gradebook restore: fix category.depth on restore.

    timhunt authored
    Without this, restoring backups made with the OU's custom 'restore from
    1.9' feature, and possibly other people's custom converstion code, does
    not work properly.
    Also, fix poor recordset code.
  6. @nebgor
  7. @nebgor
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