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Translate export from Qingwen iOS dictionary
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Translate the output from the Qingwen dictionary to a tab delimited format that can be read by ProVoc.

Managing word lists in Qingwen

  1. Create a word list, by pressing the '+' icon from the Word Lists tab.

  2. As you find words you want to remember, add them to a list in Qingwen. This can be done from the '+' icon on the word definition page.

  3. From the Word Lists tab, press the icon in the top left. Then select the list you want to export, and choose Export from the options.

  4. Save the resulting email on your computer somewhere, as a UTF-8 text file (eg. words.txt).

  5. Convert the file to tab delimited:

    python words.txt output.txt

  6. In ProVoc, open the vocabulary file (or create a new one with Chinese and English as the language pairs), then select File->Import... and choose the output.txt file.

  7. You can optionally export from ProVoc to iVocabulary on the iPhone.

Generate output

python data/example.txt output.txt

Running tests

PYTHONPATH=. py.test -f test/
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