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Batch script goes in the C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty: Modern Warfare\main folder. right click -> edit to customize.

Usage: Right click, run as admin and wait for progress bar to be at 100%. launch cod4, open the console and type: /exec out.cfg. This has to be done inside an actual private match or while running a demo, once set, you can start the animation using the preferred keybind

set bindKey=F11 Sets the keybind to start the animation

set vString=anim Sets the name of the ingame variable string to set (not important, unless you have your own variable strings)

set output=out.cfg Config to write to

set steps=250 Amount of steps (step "rate", depending on wait ..; parameter)

set wait=2 Time in ms (relative to game performance) between each step/frame

set looping=0 Call first variabe string at the end of the final vstr (making the sequence loop), not recommended as it will not allow you to perform any other in-game actions while looping. ending this loop can only be done using a forced shut down.

set dvar[0]=r_lightTweakSunDirection
set start[0]=-45 0 0
set end[0]=-45 360 0

set dvar[1]=cg_fov
set start[1]=80
set end[1]=65

Set start and end of the dvars you wish to use, but do not use decimals (only round numbers).