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This project aims to facilitate writing, translation and publication (digital files) of libertarian and anarcho-capitalist text resources.


This is the root README file of utopian branch. Each language has a directory, which also has their own README file. Each language contains books or essays projects inside, which are a folder each one, with their own README files as well.

Please, read this and those README files of the language and book/essay project before starting to contribute. Also, please check the community out, if any, of that language. Finally, I suggest you to read some of the book, partially translated, before starting a new translation or proofreading contribution.

Please, check your virtual footprint of your internet usage. The texts regard the field of ethics, economics and philosophy, so we don't know how a given government official could decide to react to any sharing of the translated material from this Github repository. I would recommend you to use a new email, fake username and a VPN, if you should feel it's risky but you are still interested in contributing.

Technical Workflow

Technically, this is how the workflow unfolds: Besides this utopian branch, there are also the master, the l10n_master and production branches. Direct translations of the textual files should be pushed into this (utopian) branch. The master branch is used to upload english (original) files to crowdin, and to serve as a reference. Crowdin pushes it's users translations into the l10n_master branch, which will sporatically merged into this utopian branch. So if you intend to translate on crowdin, please, check if the file has been translated into the utopian branch first, because github translations on utopian will not be overwritten by crowdin translations. On a daily basis, the utopian branch translations will merge into the production branch, and PDF/Ebooks files will be created based on that (production) branch.

Language Table

The table below shows it's books/essays publications, daily generated, on Google Drive; It also shows the github project folder on utopian branch, for an easier access; Github proofreaders team, so you can visualize the users; and also, the language community available for general posting and discussion (the scope is not limited to the translation of the texts).

For the time being, only proofreaders will be allowed to retranslate files on their respective languages. All contributors may translate from scratch but only proofreaders will be able to submit corrections for a translation. For Proofreaders: Let's focus our attention on the short books and essays first in order to deliver finished editions as soon as possible!

If any question, don't be afraid to ask on the community, or crowdin, or here, by starting an issue. If you find some problem, we request you to open an issue on Github pointing to the problem you found - and thank you in advance.

We hope you enjoy!

Code Google Drive Language Github repo Github proofreaders Ancap Channel
ar-EG Arabic (اللغة العربية) Egypt Repository accro Channel
ar-SA Arabic (اللغة العربية) Saudi Arabia Repository accro Channel
bn Bengali (বাঙালি) Repository Proofreaders Channel
ceb Cebuano Repository Proofreaders Channel
cs Czech (Čeština) Repository Proofreaders Channel
de German (Deutsch) Repository jmotip Channel
en English (Original) Repository Proofreaders Channel
es-ES Spanish (Español) Repository jmromero & isabella394 Channel
fa Persian/Farsi (فارسی) Repository gn-ahmad Channel
fil Filipino Repository blueleaf2017 Channel
fr French (Français) Repository jmromero Channel
ha Hausa (Yaren Hausa) Repository Proofreaders Channel
hi Hindi (हिंदी) Repository Proofreaders Channel
id Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) Repository coretanku & yhandot & rooneey & brandonmaverick Channel
ig Igbo (Ásụ̀sụ̀ Ị̀gbò) Repository Proofreaders Channel
it Italian (Italiano) Repository RobertBira & Digitalplayer-steemit Channel
ja Japanese (日本語) Repository Proofreaders Channel
ko Korean (한국어) Repository Proofreaders Channel
mk Macedonian (македонски) Repository omersurer Channel
ms Malay (Melayu) Repository plokmi Channel
my Burmese (mranmabhasa) Repository Proofreaders Channel
nl Dutch (Nederlandse taal) Repository Proofreaders Channel
pcm Nigerian Pidgin Repository zoneboy & TheOutspokenKing Channel
pl Polish (Język polski) Repository Proofreaders Channel
pt-BR Portuguese (Português) Brazil Repository Proofreaders Channel
pt-PT Portuguese (Português) Portugal Repository Proofreaders Channel
ro Romanian (Română) Repository Proofreaders Channel
ru Russian (Русский) Repository Proofreaders Channel
th Thai (ไทย) Repository Proofreaders Channel
tl Tagalog Repository RuahTheKing Channel
tr Turkish (Türkçe) Repository tyraell Channel
ur-IN Urdu (اردو) India Repository Proofreaders Channel
ur-PK Urdu (اردو) Pakistan Repository saahir1 & syedubair Channel
vi Vietnamese (Việt Nam) Repository Proofreaders Channel
yo Yoruba Repository brainz1985 Channel
zh-CN Chinese (中文) Repository sunray-steemit & rosatravels Channel