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masukomi commented Mar 4, 2014

It would be really useful if there was some sort of view a presenter could switch into for non-linear navigation. Something that would show mini versions of all the slides and allow the presenter to click on one and go directly to that slide. A simplistic version might be something like Shower's default.

I think there should be two ways of interacting with this. The first, and simplest, would be like Shower. Just hit escape (or whatever) and bump out into that mode. The second, would be to have it work in presentation mode, where the cloned version of the presentation stays on whatever slide it's on and the presenter's view swaps to the overview mode (showing all the wee slides) and then when they click a slide it would switch back to presenter mode at the chosen slide, and the cloned view would also swap to the chosen slide.

gnab commented Mar 7, 2014

I agree something like this would have been very useful. It's on the list!

@gnab gnab added the feature label May 15, 2014

Hi, I just finished my version of overview mode.
It's called 'Tile View Mode'. Check out the repository: https://github.com/StephenHesperus/remark-hook.
Take a look at README.md file to see how it works. You can style the tile view according to classes in style.css file.
To use the script, include style.css in headers after all other styles, and include script.js file after all other <script> tags.

Unode commented Oct 25, 2016

Is there any progress in this direction? This issue is a couple of years old as is the Tile View Mode linked above.

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